Palpac pallet manufacturers supply quality pallets, boxes, crates and timber products to long-standing customers all over Johannesburg and Gauteng. Service is what our success is based on.

Pallets, boxes, crates and packing

We custom-make any quantity of pallets to any specification or size
to suit your transport and storage needs. Palpac also has dedicated teams for industrial box and crate manufacturing who tailor-make or mass produce any size box or crate to pack any item, big, small or huge. They are backed up by a professional packing team who do on-site packing at your premises or ours.

Pallets and boxes can be manufactured using kiln-dried timber for a long-lasting product or if you are using your pallets only once we offer a variety of pricing options to suit all budgets. We can also paint and stencil your pallets for easy identification. Boxes and pallets can be fumigated for export and Palpac is registered with the Department of Agriculture. We also sell plastic pallets for specialised foodstuff and chemical requirements.

Pallet repairs and second-hand pallets

We stock an extensive range of second-hand wooden and plastic pallets. Palpac also offers pallet repairs to save you money. Repairs can be done on your premises or off-site depending on your needs.

Decking and allied products

Decking is another of Palpac’s specialities. We make decks to fit any
size racking for warehousing and retail outlet storerooms.

Timber supplies

We supply timber and a selection of crating-grade plywood and masonite boards. Our timber range is vast, from wet-off-saw, to kiln-dried SA pine and saligna.

Palpac has clients in food, beverage, chemical, engineering and allied
products. Our yard is stocked with well over 800 cubic meters of production ready materials.